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Journalism Fund

The Centre on Religion and Global Affairs aims to start new conversations on the place of religion in today's world.

Often policy makers, as well as the general public, build perceptions of issues relating to religion through media reports. Given that the media outlets can only produce stories within news cycles and given that such stories often involve negative incidents of violence, conflict and tensions involving religious actors, most of what is being published tends to be negative. We  often read reductionist reports about the role of religion in contemporary developments.

So many positive developments in Africa and the Middle East, as witnessed by journalists who live in the regions, are frequently ignored due to continuously shrinking editorial funds which seek to commission articles that prioritise the attention of readers. CRGA's Journalism Fund aims to reverse this trend and enable journalists, researchers and writers based in Africa and the Middle East to pursue and write opinion editorials and essays on the role played by religions and beliefs in today's world.

The vision is to enable new conversations and perspectives and challenge common perceptions on how religion impacts the world today. The articles should not airbrush difficulties or problems caused by religions, nor take any side in prescriptive arguments on what counts as the 'true expression' of a particular religion, but rather they should seek to advance the conversation to a more mature level.

The Fund is open to applications from any credible and established journalists, researchers and writers who live in Africa and the Middle East. The authors will have full editorial freedom and copyright over the articles they publish. It will be up to the author to decide whether or not the Fund is acknowledged as a contributor to research costs. CRGA reserves the right not to be referenced. CRGA will not actively or publicly promote the articles published.

For most applications, the award will be up to USD $300, however it can be increased depending on the proposed research. In most cases, the funds will only be released when the article is published.

The Fund accepts applications on an on-going basis.

The Process

  1. Applicants to submit brief information about themselves, and their proposed stories, why they need funds and how the funds will be used if an award is made, and whether there is already a publisher agreed or aimed for the article. If there is no agreed publisher, previous publications of the applicant need to be highlighted.
  2. Within 48 hours, CRGA will respond with an initial assessment of the application, and request further information if required. Within 5 days of the applicant response on further information request, CRGA will reach a formal decision, issuing an award letter that includes terms and conditions.
  3. The applicant to sign and return the terms and conditions letter electronically.
  4. The applicant to inform CRGA on the completed project, demonstrate expenses made, final article written, and notify when and where it will be published.