CRGA Launches New Programme

CRGA launches its new programme Beirut Conversations. Aim of the programme is to create a safe space for experts, politicians, diplomats, civil and faith society leaders in the Middle East and North Africa to discuss sensitive issues and propose new perspectives. It seeks to be a catalyst for change and provide a neutral platform for individuals with diverse backgrounds to meet and learn from each other.

Beirut Conversations are by-invitation-only events with an intentionally limited participation to 20 delegates. All discussions are made under full confidentiality. CRGA produces a page long summary of general themes discussed after each Beirut Conversation for a wider audience. Each Beirut Conversation is divided into two parts: better understanding, and reflections on solutions. 

Each year, CRGA will hold five Beirut Conversations each at an undisclosed location in Beirut. The first three Beirut Conversations for the remainder of this year are scheduled as: 

  • October 2016: Theologies of Hope: An Alternative to Extremist Ideologies?
  • December 2016: Do Western efforts to promote religious freedom help minorities?
  • March 2017: Are 'Western' and 'Eastern' values doomed to clash?
  • June 2017:  Good Governance and Religion; what role can faith actors play? 

If you or your organisation wish to be considered as a delegate, kindly get in touch with us with a description of your work and why you should be a participant.