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The Centre is passionate about offering new ways of thinking and moving beyond challenges we witness in the world today. We are driven by a deep commitment to empower emerging researchers and experts in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Most of our work, energy and investments focus on these regions. 

The Centre is a not-for-profit organisation, that funds it activities through project applications to trusts, foundations, governmental and international bodies, as well as consultancy services, profits of which are used exclusively to fund its not-for-profit work. We also depend upon individuals who share our passions and vision and accept their donations.

As a registered not-for-profit company in the UK with charitable objectives as listed in its Articles of Association, the Centre is tax-exempt in all of its charitable activities, and each year issues reports to HM Revenue & Customs and Charities Commission. Our financial activities are closely monitored and kept accountable by the Centre’s Management Board. An independent accountant prepares our yearly reports and submissions to the tax authorities. We also seek an independent auditor to evaluate our financial activities annually.

You can donate directly to the Centre through the following options below. If you wish to transfer directly to our bank account, kindly contact us through the Contact page.

When we receive your donation, we will send you an official statement confirming the transaction as well as stating your donation to us for your records.